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Documentary Film in Spain (module) FAMU-Prague Friday 6-11-2009 / Přehled dokumentární tvorby ve Španělsku představí Aida Vallejo 6. 11. od 10h v projekci FAMU


when:  FRIDAY 6. 11. 2009, 10:00-13:00 + 14:00-17:00,
where: FAMU, Projection room
Language of the seminar: English
Coord.: Alice Růžičková
Lecturer: Aida Vallejo Vallejo

FAMU webpage:

This seminar provides an introduction and overview of documentary film in Spain. The representation of reality and thematic trends will be analysed and the use of visual language and narrative style will be explored. Spanish culture and contemporary history will be discussed through some of the most relevant creative documentary films. To end up, the current situation of documentary film production, cinema studies and festival webs in Spain will be explored.


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