Capitalismo y consumo en el documental del Este

“Decoding the New System. Capitalism and Consumerism in Contemporary Eastern and Central European Documentary” [paper].

Visible Evidence Conference, Istanbul 11-08-2010 (9-12 August, 2010).
Panel 2c: From the Battlefield to the Shopping Mall: Contemporary Central and Eastern European Documentaries

Keywords : Capitalism, consumerism, representation, documentary, Eastern and Central Europe.

August, 11. Wednesday, Istanbul. 11:30 a.m. –  1:00 p.m.
Visible Evidence XVII Conference Program (9-12/08/2010):


After a period of reorganization in film production and distribution in Eastern and Central Europe (due to the economic and political structural changes) in the last ten years a new wave of young documentary filmmakers has appeared in the film sphere. Thanks to an independent web of film festivals and the huge influence of some public film academies’ student work, film screens have witnessed a continuous flow of documentaries which tackle current issues with a highly creative approach.
This paper focuses on the ways in which the discourses of the real deal with new social, economical and political issues, bringing together a very rich film tradition with a new way to look at reality.

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