Festivales ante la crisis

Festival Dependencies. Documentary, Europe and the Crisis [paper].
NECS 2012. European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (Lisbon, 21.06.2012).

Panel C10. Key Festival Challenges: Past, Present and Future
21st-23th June 2012

Keywords: Creative documentary, Europe, Festivals, Financial crisis, Funding.

This paper explores the historical evolution of different patterns of festival organization within the European network of festivals specialised in documentary film. We will analyze the way in which the international financial crisis has affected the role of public sector in the management and funding of culture in different countries in the last years, and the consequences in the re-shaping of the power relationships among the agents working within this circuit (production companies, governments, public institutions, sponsors, NGOs, co-production workshops or public and private televisions).
In doing so, we will reflect on the structural changes that documentary festivals are going through, vindicating its importance as an arena where these forces are negotiated, due to its multidimensional character and its influence in several spheres (production, distribution, exhibition, criticism).


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