Industry sections at Eastern doc festivals

05_pitching_thessa06-pitching_01Industry Sections. Documentary Festivals between Production and Distribution [paper]

Second Annual SCREEN INDUSTRIES in East-Cetnral Europe Conference: “Cultural Policies and Political Culture”. Brno, Czech Republic (22-25 November 2012). Masaryk University. 24th November, 2012.

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In this paper, we offer a general overview of the different initiatives that took place in the Eastern part of the European Continent through the last 20 years, which led to the development of a network of film festivals specialized in documentary genre. We will focus on the international dimension of these events to explore the economic, cultural and political hierarchies established among them.
One of the most significant changes in the organization of festivals in this period relates to the inclusion of parallel industry sections in their programmes (pitchings, co-production workshops and markets) mainly promoted and financed by MEDIA programme from EU.
We will focus on the role that these economic practices played through the festival agendas affecting and modelling documentary production in the region. In doing so, we will put special attention to the international dynamics and hierarchies established between western and eastern European professionals and institutions, as well as new inner dynamics an hierarchies developed in the region depending on the period of incorporation of the different countries to EU


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