Doc Fests in Europe

scms2013programDocumentary Film Festivals in Europe: A Historical Overview [paper] 6.03.2013

SCMS 2013 CONFERENCE (Society for Cinema and Media Studies). Chicago, U.S.A., Drake Hotel, 6-10 March, 2013.
Panel C5: Documentary Film Festivals: Activism, Education, and Archiving

Keywords: Documentary, Festivals, Europe, International hierarchies, History.
Complete Conference program: SCMS2013confprogram.
Documentary Film Festivals in Europe: A Historical Overview by Aida Vallejo
In the last two decades documentary film festivals have spread throughout the European continent. During this process, different international dynamics of interaction and geopolitical and cultural hierarchies have been developed among these events, in a process of incorporation to EU of the different countries of the region (in most cases preceded by their participation in MEDIA programme).In this paper we will reconstruct the map of documentary festivals, identifying different phases in which they acquired international relevance. In doing so, we will focus on the main organizational changes that took place in the last decade, when most of these events included industry sections in their programmes, as well as in the cooperation and competitive dynamics that arised among these events.

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