Researching documentary festivals

2013.06.19_NECS_WORKSHOP_RESEARCHINGDOCFESTSMVI_0575Pre-conference workshop:

Organized by Aida Vallejo and Šimon Bauer

June 19nth 2013- 17:00 – 20:00, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1, Room 104 (followed by a reception in Cinema Ponrepo).


  • Aida Vallejo (Researcher on European Documentary Film Festivals, University of the Basque Country)
  • Skadi Loist (Co-founder of Film Festival Research Network, Hamburg University)
  • Andrea Slovaková (Director of AMU PRESS – Publishing House of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
  • Katarina Holubcová (Executive Director of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Prague & Jihlava)
  • Hana Kulhánková (Director of One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Prague)
  • Diana Tabakov (Acquisitions in Doc Alliance Films, Prague)
  • Zdeněk Blaha (Project coordinator – East Silver Video Library, Prague)
  • Hana Rezková (Project Coordinator – Institute of Documentary Film, Prague)
  • Rada Sesić (IDFA Bertha Fund -Amsterdam- and Sarajevo Film Festival)
  • Boris Mitić (Filmmaker and Producer from Serbia)

Research on film festivals has expanded on an international scale in recent years. Since 2009, several workshops have addressed issues related to methods and theory, and have considered how festivals might be defined as an object of study, and have thought about the possibilities afforded by exchanges of ideas and knowledge between festivals and academia.

In this pre-conference workshop we will focus on the importance of collaboration between academia and professionals working for or with film festivals, to explore the possibilities of knowledge transference and information exchange.

This workshop examines issues related to the study of film festivals and documentary. It considers the practical problems that are faced by scholars in this area, especially those related to access to archives, professional events, statistics, and printed materials. It also considers issues that are faced by festival organizers when they are encouraged by scholars to share materials that may compromise their ability to compete in the marketplace.

Organized by Aida Vallejo and Šimon Bauer

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