Spread of Documentary Festivals

The Rise of Documentary Festivals [paper] 22.06.2013

NECS Conference 2013 (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies). Prague, Czech Republic, Charles University, 20-22 June, 2013.
Panel K3: Politics of Documentary Exhibition

Título en castellano: El auge de los festivales de cine documental.

Keywords: documentary, film festivals, History
Palabras clave: documental, festivales de cine, Historia


In the last two decades documentary film festivals have spread throughout the European continent. During this process, different international dynamics of interaction and cultural hierarchies have been developed among these events, in a process of incorporation to EU of the different countries of the region (in most cases preceded by their participation in MEDIA program).

In this frame, new cultural networks of film circulation were created, and specialized festivals became key agents for the development of new trends in film production and distribution.

In this paper we will reflect on the role of these festivals in the development of a new documentary culture which has redefined the genre in a period of hybridization and search for new formats. Departing from the reconstruction of the map of documentary festivals appeared in the last decades, we will identify different trends in documentary development to examine the reasons for its proliferation.

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