Industry sections at documentary festivals

iluminace_2014_1_frontcover_pAida Vallejo (2014) “Industry Sections. Documentary film festivals between production and distribution”, in Iluminace, vol. 26, n.1 (Special Issue on Film Festivals), pp. 65-82. ISSN: 0862-397X.

Keywords: documentary, film festivals, distribution, production, Eastern Europe
Palabras clave: documental, festivales cinematográficos, distribución, producción, Europa del Este


A network of festivals specializing in documentary film has spread across the globe over the last twenty years. These festivals have developed from exhibition sites into multifaceted events in which the combination of industry sections and distribution networks has provided a new arena for the production of documentary films. After providing a brief overview of the historical development of the international network of documentary festivals in Eastern Europe, this article focuses on the industry sections that have recently been incorporated into them, examining the new roles undertaken by these festivals. The article concludes by considering how these developments have been shaped by European Union cultural policy, considering the EU’s influence on the international dynamics and hierarchies that have been taking shape across the festival circuit.


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