Institutes of doc film and the festival circuit

Aida Vallejo “Between Industry and Creativity: Institutes of Documentary Film and the Film Festival Circuit” [paper]

Thursday 20 November, 2014. Aula Magna, Giurisprudenza Building, Via Università 4, Modena, Italy. Symposium “Film Festival Cartographies”. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in collaboration with Ozu Film Festival (Modena, 20-21 November 2014)

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In the last twenty years documentary production has found a space for exhibition, distribution and production of creative (or auteur) documentary in specialised festivals. In parallel, several institutes for the promotion of documentary have been created worldwide. In most cases, these institutions are born from private initiatives of documentary professionals, and are mainly funded by public bodies (national film funds or supranational institutions such as MEDIA program of European Union). In this context, the institutes for the promotion of documentary film have assumed the role of intermediaries between industry and creativity, and have created professional networks which grant access to funding resources for new documentary filmmakers.
This paper offers a historical overview of the apparition and evolution of these institutes, and analyses their modes of interaction with film festivals throughout the last two decades.
Adopting an interdisciplinary approach (which combines the study for the organizational aspects of these institutions in the field of cultural management with ethnographic methodologies for the study of social practices, as well as a film analysis to identify aesthetic and thematic trends in the films promoted by the institutes for the promotion of documentary), this paper offers a general overview to economic, social and cultural dynamics developed in this circuit.


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